Yepzon™ Solutions – the fast lane to capitalize your crucial data

Yepzon™ Solutions is an end to end solution for adding location and monitoring elements to your system. The location information enables proactive optimization of logistics and allocation of assets whereas the sensor data allows for quality control during transportation and fast settling of liabilities for any defects or impacts during the route.

You can add Yepzon™ as part of your offering or we can build you a customized solution. From hardware design and manufacturing to cloud development and integration with external systems, we have all the phases in our hands and thus can cater your needs flexibly and efficiently. Get in touch to find out how we can help you!

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Integrate Yepzon™ to offer your clients new benefits

Integrate Yepzon to offer your clients new benefits! Yepzon ecosystem or parts of it can be fully integrated into your existing service. Add location, temperature, humidity and acceleration/collision data to your offering and impress your clients by providing them added value through location and sensor data features.

Use Yepzon Service through the Yepzon Pro user interface, integrate to your own system or use any of our existing partnering systems (e.g. Valmet DNA automation software, Arnon Packaware logistic system, Telia IoT platform) to bring savings in your logistics and asset management.

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Build your business through licensing Yepzon

Use Yepzon solutions to create new business. From white-label and light re-branding to integrating our PCB to your own hardware, you can license any part or all of our end-to-end solution (hardware, cloud, connectivity, 3rd party services, user interface) and make it YOUR business.

See our Valmet case for an example on hardware licencing.

See Valmet case