Find and monitor anything with Yepzon™ Solutions

Yepzon provides advanced end-to-end tracking and sensoring solutions for any business need.

Yepzon is a full stack IoT powerhouse specializing in location data combined with sensor data (such as collision, temperature, and air humidity) for a variety of purposes. The Yepzon ecosystem is easily customized and integrated with any existing service or system platform. You tell us what you need, and we will execute it -anything from hardware to user interfaces.

Yepzon™ Solutions – all the technology required to boost your business

Yepzon™ Solutions is a versatile ecosystem that can be integrated into your existing or new system to collect and transfer location and sensor data according to your specific needs. You can make use of the existing Yepzon™ hardware and software as it is, or we can customize a new system to the integration level needed.

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Yepzon™ Devices – the easiest way to add tracking know-how to your offering

Yepzon™ Devices include a versatile set of industrial trackers to monitor any asset in different circumstances – also hazardous conditions. Extensive coverage, reliable sensors, advanced battery life solutions and usage via basically any user interface make Yepzon™ devices the best solution for many types of logistic purposes. Companies shipping large quantities or valuable goods can now take asset tracking into their own hands.

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Yepzon consumer products

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